RUAIRI COLEMAN Announced as New Zombie Hi Artist


“For the last year, Gio (Kevin Logue) has been the artist our on going flagship publication “Zombies HI”….well the time has come to let someone else take the reigns.
Yip that’s right- Issue six of ‘Zombies hi’ will be introducing our new artist!
2D was the setting for the scouting action to happen. It was the Allstar Workshop with the likes of John Higgins (Colourist- Watchmen) where we noticed the great pencil work, and with the help of the twitter, we kept in contact! He was actually chosen then to take part in a submission for the Publication. He sent us his first page of the submission… ‘Yip- we found our guy’.”

RUAIRI COLEMAN says this about his style:
“With my visual style, I try to create a world that’s cool and dynamic but recognisable.  I might draw people in a bit of a stylised way, but I want them to look like real people with all the detail you’d expect to see in a person walking down the street (right down to the clothing) and I want the street they walk down to be an actual street you’ve seen.  I try to make the experience as authentic as possible, to bring you into this world that I see which is just a little more fun to look at than the real world.  This is what I think those artists that I admired growing up did so well and why I liked their work more than anyone else’s.  But one artists I haven’t mentioned, that did this better than anyone else I’ve ever seen, and would rank as my main influence, is Katushiro Otomo, the revolutionary behind Akira: the detail of his hundreds of cityscapes throughout that book were mind blowing – all proportionate, so meticulously illustrated – and yet he could introduce these Manga style characters (the most stylised art form on the planet!) and they looked totally at home in his world!  I still don’t know how he did it so well but he’s awesome and I strive to achieve what he did every time I put pencil to paper.  I just hope the readers of Zombies Hi like it!”