NEWS: Uproar Comics want to buy you comics!


“Can we buy you £30 worth of comics of your choosing?

Yip, welcome to the Uproar Initiative. We started making comics! We want to spread that love and get you some top quality reading material, and hopefully get some new readers into comics!
How will it work? Each month we’ll be randomly choosing a member of the Initiative and getting an order from them of whatever they want, buy it, ship it, smile about it!
So how do you join? It couldn’t be simpler, register for our forum, become a “n00b” to join the Initiative and gain access to a 15% discount code for the Uproar Store as an added bonus! Progress from ”n00b” to ”GrandMasterGeek” with even more discounts and bonuses. Each member will get one entry each month, but as you move up the ranks within the forum you’ll get entered more and more. So, the more you post the more chance you have of getting tons of comics, digital or physical each month!!
We want to know everyone’s thoughts on comics at the minute, whats hot whats not, what indie comics shame the “BIG 3″, etc ….get the geek chat rocking!
We want to know your thoughts on our own works as well, we already run open submissions so this will be a great place for collaborators to meet up and hash out their ideas. If creators do meet on here and wish to keep their project secret they can request a private forum. But you can even create a thread of your own for the hell of it, eg the up and coming ”Dark Knight Rises” movie thread you could start, spill your thoughts, reservations, excitement, whatever! Then geek out!
So in short, free comics, discounts, geek chat, possible collaborations…… just to register…
…so who’s game??
Just click here…
or find the tab at the top of our homepage etc
see you all in the forum ;-)