Within the world of art, its always good to look back upon past pieces to accept your faults and to try and mend them in your next piece.  This week I admittedly didn’t have much time to do a pick as I’m working on a number of things at the mo.

Looking through my old pieces stressing over which one is good enough to be entered into the noodler hall of fame it occurred to me that the likes of Bryan Hitch, Alex Ross, Simone Bianchi or even Adi Granove (these are some of my idols), all of these greats had to go through some sort of transformation work wise, to get to their god like statures of today.

So this week is a pic from my past which although has many faults and small things i would love to poke and fix, i offer it to you raw, exposed and as i found it in the back of my portfolio, as a celebration of what we all strive to achieve; progression, improvement, style and just the  beauty of keeping this thing that we do more than anything FUN!