BREAKING: The Big Bang Reveal US Guest List For Comic Expo In September – BIG Names

As teased earlier this summer The Big Bang comic store in Dundrum are organising an International Comic Expo for September 29th and 30th. The guest list of US talent has been released over the last couple of hours and it features some of the biggest names in comics. Take a look below:
The first name announced was MATT FRACTION. Known for his work on Casanova, a creator owned project through Image, he hit the big time with a long stint on The Invincible Iron Man, Thor and was writer for Marvel’s Fear Itself event. He is currently involved in this summers hit AvX.
Next up was DAVE JOHNSON. Perhaps best known for his superb cover work over the run of Vertigo’s 100 Bullets, this ordained Reverand is the 2002 Eisner Award winner for Best Cover Artist.
Third announced was KELLY SUE DeCONNICK. This Marvel writer notably co-wrote the Richard Castle: Castle’s Deadly Storm OGN for Marvel and was writer on Steve Niles spin off 30 Days of Night series, Eben & Stella.
Next up was JEFF PARKER. Currently writing Dark Avengers, formerly Thunderbolts, Parker has a devout fan base and has marked himself out as one of comics most consistently reliable writers.
Next announced was MARK DOYLE. This is a big one for a lot of people. Doyle is an editor at DC Comics & Vertigo. He has had credits on Scalped, DMZ, Northlanders, American Vampire and The Exterminators among others.
Following Doyle is the return to these shores of TOMMY LEE EDWARDS who was a guest at the last big event in Smithfield several years ago. The artist on Bullet Points and Mark Millar’s 1985 at Marvel among others, his style is unique but oh so beautiful.
In a huge move the next announcement was JOHN LAYMAN. The writer of the multi award winning Chew from Image Comics has many writing and editing credits under his name including the 2004 Gambit ongoing series from Marvel and DV8, Planetary and The Authority from Wildstorm in the late nineties.
Next up is LAUREN SANKOVITCH, an associate editor at Marvel whjose credits include FF, Avengers, New Avengers and Secret Avengers.
Joining Lauren is  JEANNINE SHAEFFER an executive editor at Marvel whose  list of credits is extensive but include Wolverine, 52 and Countdown at DC and many many others.
Another big one is NATE COSBY writer of the excellent Pigs from Image Comics and editor of The Incrdible Hercules and Hulk and the super popular Runaways at Marvel.
Finally for today is RAFA ALBUQERQUE artist on Vertigo’s critically acclaimed American Vampire & Batman back ups.
That’s all the US guests that have been announced. There will be a seperate announcment for European guests which will be posted here when it goes up.
Save the dates folks this is going to be a big one!