The snow was dangerously heavy this year, but he had to feed his family for them to survive the big freeze which was swiftly slithering its way towards them.

 Ever since the father of the parish that would generously help them at this time of the year had disappeared 3 weeks ago he had been miserably trying to fill his place as his community’s provider.

 He quietly stalked the deer, keeping his heart beat slow and rhythmically synchronised to the fall of the beasts hoofs upon the foliage covered forest floor,

stepping as it stepped, breathing as it breathed “SNAP!” by the time his eyes rose from the broken twig that had given away his position, his prize had all ready gotten to far away for the Pilgrim to do anything about it.

heartbroken the man turned and started for home making his way through the cold Virginian forest when suddenly… he heard the familiar final fatal cry of his previously lost prize.

He ran with curiosity, hoping that the victor was a member of his community, but when he found the lifeless body of the animal, which showed no signs of struggle,save for two puncture wounds upon its neck, he discovered nothing but an ominous image that had been nailed upon a tree next to its carcass… as the Pilgrim slowly gazed around him at the large mass of forest that seemed to be engrossing him in darkness, he could not help but feel as though, the hunter… had become the hunted.