ON SHELVES THIS WEEK: Garth Ennis' Stitched #6 From Garth Ennis

The penultimate issue of Avatar Press and Garth Ennis Stitched hits stores this week.
As listed on the Avatar site: “Originally written as a film treatment, Ennis released Stitched first as a 15-minute long film and then as an ongoing comic book series that picks up where the short film left off. Stitched #6 is the penultimate issue adapting Ennis’ film treatment, scripted and illustrated by Mike Wolfer, leading to next month’s fearsome finale.”
BOOK DESCRIPTION: In issue #6, the American soldiers, aided by the British S.A.S. team, launch an assault on the headquarters of the Afghani slave-traffickers. Will their tactics and skills be enough to kill the enemy and wipe out the unsettling, inhuman Stitches who answer their every command? Who rend and tear their victims to pieces?
NOTE: This issue is strictly a mature audiances book!