Last week’s pencils-to-inks posting seemed to go down well, so here’s an udder one. It’s a page from my last O’Brien Press release “Destination: Homicide!”, and shows the progression from blueline pencil to inks. I scan the A4 pencil rough of the page in RGB, and using Photoshop convert the (grey) pencil line to 100% cyan, fade this back to about 10% cyan, then blow the image up to A3 size and print on good quality semi-coated A3 paper. I then ink over the very light blueline using markers, scan it again at high resolution, and resize it (keeping the resolution at 400dpi) to 150x230mm, the final book size. Finally it’s lettered in Quark Xpress, with any special effect sounds (“KER-FLOOOOMSHHH” is my favourite) originated in Adobe Illustrator and applied in Quark. Click on the pic for the pencils-to-inks animation!