I thought this might be appropriate for the release of “TDKR” this was done completely with charcoal, which I normally loath using because you can’t get as much depth into detail as you can with a pencil, (well at least I can’t lol XD ) but as I’ve said before in order to progress we need to be willing to meet our faults and weaknesses head on and try turning the into strengths so I might end up trying to develop this technique a bit further.

When I was finished cursing and the charcoal stick and got past the initial stage of laying down some forms and values.

 I then just overlaid some light colours using various things like ink, tip ex, colouring pencil and some light Photoshop.  Hope you all like it and that you all enjoy the ‘Dark Knight Rises’, take care noodler peeps 🙂

Toodle pip!