UPDATED WITH SATURDAY'S GUESTS: The Big Bang Announce More Guests For D.I.C.E.

The Big Bang comic shop in Dundrum announced some of the remaining guest list for the upcoming D.I.C.E convention in September tonight. Following a teaser announcement last weekend where Shadowland, Batman & Hellblazer writer Andy Diggle was the first of the remaining names announced it was followed up tonight (Friday) by Marvels Senior Vice President of Creative & Creator Development C.B. CEBULSKI. One of the most genial people you could ever meet from my own meetings with him at previous cons. Known as a writer in his own right on books such as Loners, X-Infernus, and the popular Marvel Fairy Tales, X-Men Fairy Tales and Spider-Man Fairy Tales.
Next announced was DOUG BRAITHWAITE, a veteran of the comics industry. His notable works are Justice at DC and Secret Invasion: Thor at Marvel. He is to join writer David Hine to launch their new creator owned book Storm Dogs at Image Comics.
The next announcement was SI SPURRIER.  A 2000AD veteran writer who has had credits on Marvel works like Wolverine, Punisher, Ghost Rider and more.
UPDATE: Saturday’s announced guests had a certain Irish flair with the core of the Irish professional circut given centre stage. DECLAN SHALVEY (Dark Avengers), STEPHEN MOONEY (Angel), WILL SLINEY (Pigs), JORDIE BELLAIRE (Fantastic Four), NICK ROCHE (Transformers) were all announced as the guest list gets to the point of otherworldly excellence.
But that’s not it! Following a prompt on facebook, The Big Bang have said that there is more to come. So stay tuned!