The Irish Comics Wiki needs your help!

Irish Comics Wiki
The Irish Comics Wiki is, if I say so myself, an invaluable resource for the Irish comics scene. It has over 1,000 articles on Irish writers and artists and the comics they’ve made, as well as related subjects like political cartooning and book illustration. Trouble is, I’m doing it nearly alone, and I’m afraid I’ve let it slip a bit lately. So I’d like to appeal for assistance. If you know of anyone or anything that’s not covered that you think should be, please either let me know, with as much information, links etc, as you can, or dive in and add it yourself. If you know how to use wiki markup, click the “source” tab at the top right of the editing screen, it makes it much easier to add links and stuff. Otherwise, don’t worry about it – just add the information and I’ll do the markup.
In particular, I’ve started an Upcoming Events section on the main page, which shows what’s coming up in the next three months, and an Events 2012 page for the whole year. If you add an event to one it’ll automatically show up in the right place on the other. I’m trying to catch up with all the events I’m aware of, but if you know of any others – conventions, signing, workshops, pub meets, anything you think might be relevant – again, either add it or let me know.
Thank you.