FUNDIT: Gods and Monsters of the Future

From Gods and Monsters of the Future by Elida Maiques

Emma Rowe and Elida Maiques of the Tinderbox Network are looking for funding via Fund:It for a new book called Gods and Monsters of the Future. It’s inspired by the documentary Into Eternity, about a nuclear storage facility in Finland that has been sealed for 100,000 years, and it’ll include poetry, short stories, comics and illustration by 21 Irish-based authors and artists.
Names the Irish comics scene should be familiar with include Phil Barrett, who contributes “a sideways science fiction piece that you won’t see appear anywhere else”, as well as Gar Shanley and Katie Blackwood. Others involved include Jane Burns, Deborah Coffey, Jessica Maybury, Clodagh O’Brien, Niall OConnor, Eithne Reynolds, Marcos Rubio, Evelyn Walsh, Michael Cawley, Eoghan Carroll, Damien Martin, Steven Maybury, Esther Moliné, Denise Nestor, Jane O’Sullivan, Emma Rowe, ShelkyBean and Yellowhammer.
They’re after €1300, and they’re already halfway there. And of course, you can get copies of the book and assorted artistic goodies depending on how much you pledge. Worth a punt I’d say.