There has been a few rumors knocking about that there is no outlet for small press at DICE. This is mostly my fault as I basically knew what was going on for the last few weeks but didn’t announce anything until we had everything more or less in place. So I apologies for any confusing caused on my part.
DICE have very kindly offered ICN a free table at DICE to host all of the small press comic sales. While this is not ideal, I am aware that people would like their own tables and do the personal sale, there are a number of factors in play. There is a space element (lots going on, not that much room) and a cost factor (DICE has to cover it’s cost, make a profit etc to continue). DICE can’t afford to give everyone a table and don’t want to charge everyone stupid Table Fee money either. A central location for all small press/independent seems like the best middle ground.
SO, if you want to have your comic on sale at DICE, leave a comment here letting us know and then drop in your comics to THE BIG BANG shop in Dundrum in good time before the event. Bring an invoice book with how many you have on sale and what you want to sell them for. No charge/costs will be taken from your profit (But I would ask that maybe you leave a tip for the guy/guys who are giving up their time to man the table, but this is completely up to you). You will then be able to collect your money after the event.
I’m not telling you who will be at the table on the day (other than it’s not me) as I don’t want them to get inundated with emails.  If you have a question, please leave a comment here.