NEWS: D.I.C.E. – The Complete Guest List & Info

Information of the much anticipated Dublin International Comic Expo taking place in Dundrum on September 29th and 30th is spread across several posts on the site at the moment so take a look below for all the up to date info on the convention including the complete guest list announced to date and information on the small press section that ICN will be taking care of.
MATT FRACTION Writer: AvX, Iron Man, Cassanova, Fear Itself
JEFF PARKER Writer: Thunderbolts, Hulk
KELLY SUE DECONNICK Writer: Captain Marvel, Ghost, Osborn, 30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella
LAUREN SANKOVICH Marvel Comics Editor: Captain America, Fantastic Four, Avengers
MARK DOYLE DC Comics Editor: Northlanders, American Vampire 
JEANNINE SCHAEFER Marvel Comics Editor: Wolverine, X-23, Astonishing X-Men
DAVE JOHNSON Legendary Cover Artist: 100 Bullets, Punisher Max, Deadpool
TOMMY LEE EDWARDS Artist: Turf, 1985 
RAPHAEL ALBUQUERQUE Artist: American Vampire, Uncanny X-Force, Batman 
NATE COSBY Editor/Writer: PIGS, Cow Boy
JOHN LAYMAN Writer: Chew, Mars Attacks
CB CEBULKSI Marvel Comics Senior Vice President of Creative & Creator Development
ANDY DIGGLE Writer: Losers, Daredevil
SI SPURRIER Writer: X-Club, Crossed; Wish You Were Here, Extermination
JORDIE BELLAIRE Colourist: John Carter; Gods Of Mars, Rocketeer; Cargo Of Doom, Hulk; Season One, Fantastic Four
STEPHEN MOONEY Artist: Angel, The A-Team, Half Past Danger
DOUG BRAITHWAITE Artist: Justice, Wolverine; Origins, Thor 
WILL SLINEY Artist: Farscape, PIGS, MacGyver
NICK ROCHE Writer/Artist: Transformers; Last Stand of The Wreckers, Doctor Who
BEN McCOOL Writer: Choker, Memorial
DECLAN SHALVEY Artist: Thunderbolts, Northlanders, Venom, 28 Days Later,
PJ HOLDEN Artist: Battlefields, Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human, Judge Dredd
JOHN McCREA Artist:Dicks, Preacher, Mars Attacks
Should the guest list be updated with any more guests, if the above weren’t steller enough, we will update here.
As well as the guest list, ICN will be working at the con also. As ICN chief Tommie Kelly says; “DICE have very kindly offered ICN a free table at DICE to host all of the small press comic sales. While this is not ideal, I am aware that people would like their own tables and do the personal sale, there are a number of factors in play. There is a space element (lots going on, not that much room) and a cost factor (DICE has to cover it’s cost, make a profit etc to continue). DICE can’t afford to give everyone a table and don’t want to charge everyone stupid Table Fee money either. A central location for all small press/independent seems like the best middle ground.
SO, if you want to have your comic on sale at DICE, leave a comment here ( letting us know and then drop in your comics to THE BIG BANG shop in Dundrum in good time before the event. Bring an invoice book with how many you have on sale and what you want to sell them for. No charge/costs will be taken from your profit (But I would ask that maybe you leave a tip for the guy/guys who are giving up their time to man the table, but this is completely up to you). You will then be able to collect your money after the event.”
Other details such as the start times for either day etc. are still to be announced and when they will we will let you know. Mark this date in your calender, weather you intend on going to meet your professional heroes or you want to sell your comic at our table, it promises to be a major event in the comics calender this year.