PODCAST: 2d Festival Podcast Episode 10



_2dCast Episode Ten : Zombie Special


Things got messy at the 2d Festival Christmas party


Live from Culture Techs Zombie Night, this episode of the 2dcast is an undead special as Bobby and Ciaran are joined by Kevin Louge and Danny Mc Crossan from Uproar Comics , and local horror writer James Leckey to discuss the finer points of zombie fiction whilst dressed in full zombie make-up as Ving Rhames blows away walking corpses in the background. In celebration of our tenth episode we present two treats . Firstly we have the first of this years 2d Festival panels . Our broadcast colleague Chris Thompson chairs a discussion on Zombie comics featuring Marvels Declan Shalvey , Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard , Chris Ryall of IDW , Team Uproar , and the esteemed Mr Tony Lee. Secondly we have a veritable bounty of undead goodies to give away. In order to win a complete run of Zombies Hi signed by the creative team, a print of the cover Zombies Hi # 6 signed by artist ( and 2d top dog )David Campbell , and a bunch of 2d stuff just answer the ( admittedly lame) question posed during the body of the podcast. Send your answers to 2dcast@gmail.com.


Due to the late evening nature of the recording this is only SEMI SAFE FOR WORK
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