PODCAST: 2d Festival Podcast Episode 11


2Dcast Episode 11

Coming at ya from the means streets of Hackney and Derry respectively , Ciaran Flanagan and Bobby Best return with a review of the comics event movie of the year. Not Avengers, not Batman but Dredd 3d. Find out our thoughts on not only this , but also the recent revelations about Wolverines past , the new Thunderbolts line-up , the outcome of Bobby’s recent death defying charity event and much much more. We also have the opportunity to chat with the awesome Paddy Brown ( not lynch as I say during the episode ) about his work , about Tin Tin and the forthcoming Cattle Raid of Cooley

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Links mentioned on the podcast

Paddy Browns website:http://paddybrown.co.uk/

Lightning Strike available : http://lightningstrikecomics.com/