Over the last while the Irish Comic Noodlers has been running each week with a great range of art and doodle work from each of the daily artists.  So as Autumn kicks in and schedules get way busier for each of us, The Noodles section for ICN will be taking a long deserved vacation for a bit.
A return to the daily fix of wonderful noodles will be happening within the next while, and we hope you don’t miss it too much, but instead tune into the other fantastic things happening on the website as well as keeping an eye on all the blogs of the artists.
In the meantime, thanks to all the Noodle Team for showing up each week so far and contributing to the website so freely and willingly and thanks to all the site visitors that supported the Noodlers.  Much appreciated! 🙂
We’ll return to the schedule soon enough but until then check out below!…
Fancy contributing to the Irish Comic Noodlers one of the weeks?  If you think you’ve got a noodle to share and feel you’d like to guest one of the weeks, then here are the *guidelines to follow:

  1. A4 size noodle – preferably portrait (580×821)
  2. Feature image – (618×348)
  3. Banner with name, blog and ICN site – see other noodlers for examples
  4. 150dpi and less than 2mb file size – anything bigger will simply not be used
  5. very short bio about the piece and yourself

(*Images are subject to approval by the ICN Team if such an issue around suitability of content should arise)
You can email your Guest Noodle to : from Monday 1st Oct onwards.  An automated response will confirm receipt of your mail, but please note that due to vacation in effect from Monday 24th Sept, a personal response won’t be possible for a while.
In the meantime, have a gander at all the amazing stuff that the Noodle Team have done over the last year and a bit!