NEWS: Several Indy Titles Launching This Weekend At D.I.C.E.

Over the last few weeks there have been several independent publishers who have announced that new titles will go on public sale at this weekends DICE event in Dundrum. Below is a list of books that will be launched and some that we know of that will be on sale at the ICN table. I will update this liist as I hear of more.
NEW: The Celtic Clan
Written by Nigel Flood and artwork is done by Frank J Right, the comic stars Ireland’s  premier super-powered team who have a secret base underneath Newgrange  and fight an ongoing battle with an ancient  race of shape-shifting  reptilians who call themselves The First Race.

NEW: Artos
The new title from The Land of Button Press will be available this Saturday. Artos will have the creative team of its sister title The Wren in Jason Connor and Phil Roe and they will be joined by Nestor co-creator Mike Lynch.

NEW: Tales From The Void

Tales from the Void is a 22 Page comic written by Darrin O’Toole & drawn by A. Kaviraj. Produced by DOT Comics the book will also be complete with 2 extra pages of bonus sketches, script excerpts and the unveiling of the cover of upcoming title Streamliners.

Here it is!<br /><br /><br /><br />
The cover for tales from the Void.<br /><br /><br /><br />
We took a classic pulp 50&#8217;s cover and made it our own by incorporating elements from the stories told within.<br /><br /><br /><br />
Our colourist Vasco did a tremendous job giving the cover the feel of an old,beat down pulp book.<br /><br /><br /><br />
It&#8217;s exactly how it should look and we couldnt be happier.<br /><br /><br /><br />
All the pages are in, its just the interior covers and then its off to the printers.
For Sale:
The Society for the Remarkable Suicide
The Society for the Remarkable Suicide cover.
Celtic Knights # 1

Celtic Knights # 2

This trilogy of titles from Stephen Coffey featuring art by Cormac Hughes, Barry McGowan, Mike Kennedy, Rob Carey and Kevin Logue will also be on sale at the ICN table.
For Sale: The Wren #9
The continuing adventures of Jack McCormack by Jason Connor and Phil Roe.
Photo: Things are coming to ahead with Amerg's plans. But!, with the Wren being taken hostage by the bounty hunter Lynx, how will he stop the Darksidhé Warlock?!<br /><br /><br />
the Wren #9 now available.
For Sale: The Wren Volume 1
The first three issues of the all ages comic collected and now for sale this weekend. By Jason Connor and Phil Roe.
Photo: Now available, the first three issues in of Jack Mc Cormack's superhero life as the Wren in Dubh-lynn city, Hibernia.<br /><br /><br />
the Wren volume one!!
For Sale: Nestor #1
The debut issue of the debut horror title from Abandoned Comics by Mike Lynch and Paul McCallan.

For Sale: Nestor #2
With issue #2 of Nestor sold out at Sub City and Forbidden Planet in Dublin, DICE may be the only palce to get your hands on this popular book written by Mike Lynch and art by Anthony O’Neill and a cover by Robert Elrod.

For Sale: Lightning Strike #1
The popular launch issue of the anthology will also go on sale with some of the best Irish and abroad talent on board.

If you would like your book to be on the table for sale then drop in your books to The Big Bang comic shop in Dundrum Shopping Centre with an exact count of issues you are giving and your sale price of the book. It will be sold on your behalf and any remaining titles and sales will be given back to you.
If your book has not been mentioned above, please let me know at and I will add it.
This weekend will see a plethora of professional talent at the con but please support local independent books by picking up one of the titles on sale.