ICN@DICE: DC Nation Panel With Mark Doyle

One of the most anticipated panels of day 1 was the DC Nation panel featuring DC/Vertigo editor Mark Doyle. Promising to give folks an insight to what is going on in the DCU and Vertigo who celebrate their 20th Anniversary in 2013, it was one of the strongest attended of all the days panels.
Speaking of the upcoming arc of Batman that will mark the return of The Joker all Doyle would say of the arc was that if you are reading it then prepare to be “scared and keep an eye out for a ton of easter eggs.”
Speaking about the Rise of the Third Army story that will envelop the Green Lantern books next year, Doyle said that the story will play into the Trinity War epic that hits next summer. Trinity War will begin the process of building itself up with books shipping in the New Year.
The Geoff Johns/David Finch Justice League book that hits next Spring will be the beginning of the DCU 3rd wave of stories.
A question was asked from the audiance regarding how the creators and books were paired together at the beginning of the new 52. Doyle said that intense discussions took place behind the scenes to determine what characters and books could make the cut. When that process was done they then pitched the books and characters to creators and worked from there.
A follow up question asked about the reintroduction of certain characters who had a home in Vertigo back into the DCU. Doyle said it was “a big idea, a great idea. Magic was missing in the DCU with the exception of Zatanna and Dr. Fate and a few minor characters and it was the right time to bring in Constantine and Swamp Thing.”
After being asked about DC’s current success, Doyle attributed it to the reach outside of comics that DC achieved in the marketing process for the new books. They had to ensure and did that “the content was good enough to retain readership.”
On Vertigo’s 20th Anniversary in 2013 Doyle did say that the only confirmed book announced at the moment is a new Neil Gaiman Sandman title. Karen Berger is delighted so far with what she knows of it he said and added that at New York Comic Con in two weeks, two more announcements relating to Vertigo’s birthday will be announced. He did add that former Vertigo creator favourites are coming back next year but refused to say who at this stage.
One book that was pushed back to coincide with the Vertigo Anniversary is a new book called ‘Collider’ written by Simon Oliver with art by Robbie Rodriquez. Doyle said that this book will launch Rodriquez into stardom. He called the premise a “social commentary with elements of sci-fi which Vertigo is somewhat lacking lately and just wacky.”
When asked about the recent Rob Liefeld situation where Liefeld walked out of his commitments at DC over a spat with an editor who also left the company this week, all Doyle had to say was, “Rob is Rob.”
Doyle is the editor on four of the Before Watchmen books. He was asked about his involvement in the project. He recalled being called into a closed door meeting where Will Dennis put it to him. He was on board immediately he said when Dennis told him that the works of Shakespere are routinely reworked so why not Watchmen?
When asked about the current status of Wally West returning next year, Doyle said, “Don’t rule it out.”
A packed panel but not much in the way of exclusive news but enjoyable all the same.