ICN@DICE: Celtic Hero With Will Sliney

Will Sliney’s panel on Cu Chulainn was a veritable flow of informative material. Will explained his plans for the book after signing a publishing deal with O’Brien Press.
We now know that the 128 page book will get a March 2013 release with the Irish publisher in the UK &Ireland. Sliney explained that he approached O’Brien Press at an opportune time as they were looking for a Cu Chulainn project to pursue. On further good fortune Sliney’s take on the millenia old character will be the first of a number of projects relating to the character to be made available. Among them is another graphic novel and a Michael Fassbender produced movie. Sliney will be following the original story of Cu Chulainn closely but will be adopting certain aspects to suit the comic format.
Discussing the release date of 2013 instead of a possible Christmas one, he said that the suggestion was made by O’Brien Press to make the most of the beginning of the tourist season in 2013 and also to coincide with The Gathering, the tourism initiative to bring back Irish ex-pats to Eire. The buzz generated by these other projects is even beginning to spill off on this one as Sliney said that as soon as the Fassbender project was announced, media outlets went looking for images online and he saw his images from Celtic Warrior reproduced all over the world.
The deal with O’Brien Press also leaves Sliney room to approach American publishers with a view to distribution after the Irish release. He added that he is hopeful of other language translations of his work.
Interestingly Sliney said that he was very careful with descriptions of Irish borders which he perceived to be a sensitive matter to some. In the gathering of the army that will head north, Sliney said that he was aware of his use of language in writing this aspect of the script.
To illustrate the level of research he put into the book Sliney revealed that he studied as many published forms of Cu Chulainn as possible included valued historical texts The Book of Leinster and The Book of Durrow.
Expect the publicity machine to swing into full gear as the release date of this hugely anticipated book nears in the Spring.