ICN@DICE: Half Past Danger: Dames, Danger, Dinosaurs!

In what was probably the most entertaining panel of the convention was the promotional panel from Stephen Mooney and Jordie Bellaire and moderated by Declan Shalvey for Half Past Danger.
The most notable point that came out of the panel was that Mooney was finally in a position to announce a publisher for the book in American company IDW. Mooney explained that before signing a contract with IDW earlier this week he had spoken to rival publishers Dark Horse and Image Comics before the deal was finalised with the company with whom Mooney has a long association with.
Mooney went into some detail while explaining his reasoning for going with a creator owned project this time around. He mentioned his frustration at working on licensed material like Angel, CSI, and The A-Team and having little input into the story. He grew frustrated with being the go to guy “who can draw a good likeness of some TV actor for some comic.” So he decided to take six months off to prep what would eventually become Half Past Danger.
On board the project as colourist is star Jordie Bellaire. She explained one of her reasons to joining the project as being curious as to how events that are taking place in the book which takes place in 1943 through the eyes of an Irish protagonist who questions Irish neutrality and an Irish writer “who is very opinionated and political.”
Mooney explained that having the protagonist as Irish is in part a hope that will be used to his advantage in trying to capture an American audience who have a long infatuation with all things Irish. He explained that he pulled aspects of various personalities that were of interest to him when designing the main character ‘Irish’. He said that the reader will recognise aspects of Indiana Jones, Steve Rogers, Doc Samson and more in the character when it is released.
The book will be released over six issues from next summer. The plan was for the book to be seven issues but IDW wanted it pulled back so that the book would fit in a traditional trade paperback. With the one issue less, each issue in the series will be between 26 &30 pages which Mooney wants to be an incentive to readers in a market where books are moving towards 20 pages.
Declan Shalvey praised the book calling it a watershed moment in Irish comics with Mooney being the first to get to the American market with a fully drawn and written book by an Irish creator.
The book is obviously a labour of love for Mooney who really wants the book to find an audiance who will love like he does as he mentioned as much several times at the panel.
In a further announcement at the panel it was revealed that Dave Hendrick will follow the flow of Irish creators to IDW with the news that he will pen a back up story for the book. Full details of this news is here: http://www.irishcomicnews.com/2012/09/icndice-dave-hendrick-to-be-published-by-idw-in-2013/