2DCAST: Episode 12

  2DCast Episode 12 with special guest Ger Hankey

Up from the depths, 30 Stories High, Breathing Fire , it Head in the sky……its the monstrous twelfth episode of the 2dcast, and were talking IDW’S GODZILLA , Dredd 3d and it anaemic box office performance, the resolution of The Walking Dead lawsuit and a most unusual trailer for Ant Man . We are joined by our guest Ger Hankey who drops by to tell us a little bit about his Short Sharp Shocks and his work for the Irish Haemophilia society . He also finds time to to tell us his thoughts about Transformers comics , Power Girl and a whole world of comics related goodies.

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Links mentioned on the podcast:
Buy Short Sharp Shocks: http://www.shortsharpshockscomic.blogspot.ie/
Lightning Strike available : http://lightningstrikecomics.com/
That Ant-Man trailer : http://www.superherohype.com/news/articles/172887-fan-re-creates-edgar-wrights-ant-man-test-footage
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