NEWS: Pearlmoon Productions Ceases Operations

The sad news that Northern Irish comics company Perlmoon Productions will cease operations broke over the weekend. John Connor broke the news on the company’s facebook page. Pearlmoon was the publisher of Two Lives, Faust and Passing Days. Read the full statement below:

“After a month of silence I guess its time to announce that due to a number of personal and professional reasons, Pearlmoon will be ceasing to opperate. I have been putting off saying this due to the prior uncertainty of the matter, but rather than leaving everyone in the dark I think its time to officially announce it.
As those of you at Nom-con will know, we also had completed the Two Lives animation prior to our talk there, however as that is primarily Una’s piece of work, I will leave it to her to decided how/when/where she wants to showcase, but I hope you all have a chance to see it soon.
It was fun while it lasted and we met number of good people through the various releases we have done and I’d like to thank you all for your support and help throughout. Even though we weren’t doing things for long we were always met with positive enthusiasim and feedback and we had been given opprotunities,  experiences and a level of recognition that others work years for, and it all comes down to those people who would take the time and look at the things we worked hard on.
That being said, there are plenty more things in the works. You can follow Una’s work on facebook at and also on deviantart at I also have a few projects lined up in the works will be found on my website at and I am planning to revive the facebook page for it here however my primary focus for awhile is the music I have overlooked for the last year, Gate XIII, for updates on that check out or find us on facebook at
Once again, All the best and thanks for your support, and be sure to keep an eye out for whats still to come -John”