REVIEW: Artos #1

Artos #1

Written by: Mike Lynch

Art by: Jason Conor

Letters by: Phil Roe

Published by: Land of Button Press

Cost: €3.00

REVIEW: The newest book from The Land of Button Press is a spin off of the popular The Wren series and was launched at this years DICE event in Dundrum. For the first time a story in this universe will be penned by someone other than Jason Connor as on board for this series is Nestor co-creator Mike Lynch.

The reader is treated to a comprehensive background to the story on the inside cover which leads us into a broadening of the Hibernian universe. When you’re a writer you go with what you know and I got a huge kick out of seeing the various locations dotted around the west of Clare that Mike Lynch uses in the story. But that aside he crafts a great tale that introduces us to what is sure to become a fan favourite character. The script is interspersed with tension, intrigue and dotted with some cute humour. We see the Ailwee Caves become sacred and the hiding place for a powerful talisman that goes undiscovered for centuries until a curious child called Conor, a descendant of the original watcher of the caves comes across it and unleashes a series of events that draws the attention of a Black Sidhe and Conor become Artos in a breathless tale from cover to cover. Lynch infuses a fair dose of personality in all the cast and makes them instantly likeable and that makes the book all the more enjoyable. He gave Conor some good lines and the final words of the book is laugh out loud funny. It only serves to make you look forward to the next issue all the more when you see the writer have as much fun creating the book as you do reading it.
Conor’s art style has only gotten better with time and it has looked no better than it does here. As it has matured it has turned into a very eye catching style that fits like a glove to this type of story. He has taken a character of a bear here and made him into a bad ass looking character with the help of some great colour placement. The book has some great visual set pieces that litter the issue combined with some good digital colouring in places make it a treat to look at as well as read. Two highlights visually are when Artos emerges from behind a rock on page two to protect the wife of McMahon in a menacing panel and also when Conor becomes Artos and is looking down on his father in his room right before he causes some unfortunate property damage.
In all honesty, this is the best single issue out of Button Press yet. The story is great and thoroughly engaging, the art has never looked better and the production of the book is tight. With the book to be continued, it can’t come soon enough.