REVIEW: DOT Comics Tales From The Void

Tales From The Void

Written by: Darrin O’Toole

Art by: A. Kaviraj

Letters by: Magnus

Published by: DOT Comics

Cost: €3.99

Tales From The Void is the new title from DOT Comics that was launched at this years DICE event in Dublin from writer Darrin O’Toole. Artist A. Kaviraj is considered a huge talent in the making which gives you another reason to pick this up as if you needed any other. I’ve always said that you should try have a cover that draws the eye and this book has one of the most memorable I can remember.
Drawing influences from the old EC horror books of the fifties, the vintage sci-fi books of the 80’s and  sprinkled with some good old originality, O’Toole crafts five tales each one better than the last. What is good about an anthology book like this one is that they provide a writer with plenty of room to show off what he is capable of and O’Toole is able to show us a wide range of storytelling within the five strips. He has an uncanny knack of injecting heart into the stories, particularly strips one and five. The second strip, ‘Sunshine’ has a wicked twist and an entirely original premise that left the reader wanting more. ‘Where Walks The Madman’ had a feel of an old Wally Wood short story from the 40’s that I just ate up. While ‘Ghost Writer’ was cruel in its telling of a tale which was just creepy in its finale. These stories all come together to round off a great package which is loud ins statement of intent and victorious in its consequence.
A. Kaviraj displays some variations on his own work within the five strips. O’Toole gives him a huge range of scenarios spread over the book and he handles each one with ease. If it is showing palpable fear in a man being driven to madness to the innocence of a child in unfamiliar surroundings, nothing is too difficult for Kaviraj to manage. He excels in the close range shots, his page layouts and displays a large range of styles from sci-fi to horror and more. A highlight page in the book for me was the final page on the fifth strip which without giving anything away, was a perfect meld of art and story to pull on the heart strings which can be a hard thing to do in a sci-fi story but is pulled off here.
A definite winner here for DOT Comics who announce at the back of the issue their next several projects, Earthruler and Streamliners for the ambitious company who have unambiguous aims. If this any indication of what is to come, I’m squarely on board. This book could be the surprise package of the year.