NEWS: Take A Look At Our Top Posts From This Past Week

Here’s a breakdown of our top posts from this past week.
1. REVIEW: DOT Comics Tales From The Void
2. ICN@DICE: A Selection Of Convention Photo’s
3. ICN@DICE: Half Past Danger To Be Published By IDW In 2013 [And so will Dave Hendrick]
4. Morrison Symposium: Part 1/2 – Mayhem
5. IN MY OPINION: Nast-y goings on New Jersey [PB:IMO]
6. ICN@DICE: Half Past Danger: Dames, Danger, Dinosaurs!
7. REVIEW: Artos #1
8. ICN@DICE: Celtic Hero With Will Sliney
9. COVER ART: Wire & Gas WW1 Anthology By James Seymour
10. ICN@DICE: What’s The Big Idea Panel
And as always, thanks for reading!