LAUNCH: Stray Lines book launch TONIGHT!

Stray Lines – book launch – Working Mans Club – 8pm – Friday 19th October

The Stray Lines anthology, having been successful in their summer FundIt funds being raised and which features work by Philip Barrett, Barry Hughes, Gus Hughes, Chris Judge & Andrew Judge, and Paddy Lynch, will be launched on Friday the 19th October.
As described on their website :
“At 8.00pm it’s time for the long awaited launch of Stray Lines graphic anthology taking place upstairs in the Workmans Club, Wellington Quay. Conceived as an opportunity to showcase some of Irelands most exciting and original indie comic creators together in a beautifully designed and produced publication, Stray Lines will make a handsome addition to any graphic novel collection as well as being a go-to source for new original Irish comic book talent. ”
There is a chance to get your hands on a pre-order copy, so please visit to take advantage of this while you can.
Each story within the anthology has had free reign to explore the artists imagination without restriction from specific theme or genre imposed.  Their description on the fund-it site outlines a beautifully crafted and original body of work:
“Chris Judges tale of an illustrator caught up in World War II (a collaboration with his brother, Andrew), Barry Hughes beautifully illustrated hallucinogenic dream-world tale ‘The Glass Trampoline’, to Philip Barrett’s cryptic blind alley, ‘Endless Lap’, this 64 page collection delivers a substantial punch of storytelling suss.”
Their first anthology is definitely being perceived as an eclectic and enticing unique project and many are really looking forward to getting a chance to get a copy of it.