EVENTS: Inspiration Project by Sean O'Dwyer

Her Dream by Sean O’Dwyer

Sean O’Dwyers exhibition ‘Inspiration’ is currently featured in Scotch Hall in Drogheda, so if you happen to be about the area, take a moment to catch up with it. (Website –

Wisdom by Sean O’Dwyer

It runs from 13th Oct until the 1st November and although times aren’t stated on the flyers or website, expect the gallery space to be approximately running alongside the opening times of the Scotch Hall Centre.
It is a mix of both sketchbook, sculpture and painting. The exhibition is an exploration of what inspiration is for an artist and how it comes into being.  In his own words he describes it as the ‘divine breath’ and notes that he is “responding to a mystery”.
In a further description of the exhibition, Sean explains that “Apart from the work itself , this is the best language I can use to describe that response. This inspiration is ineffable but that does not mean one should not attempt to describe it to the viewer. As the root of the word suggests it may be perceived as a “Divine Breath” sourced outside of the artist’s personality that breathes life into the work. It is the “Aether” that inhabits the work. It is a way of being.   When we are inspired, thankfully, we do not rely upon ourselves alone.”

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