2DCast: Episode 14 Ciaran Marcantonio

 Ciaran Marcantonio

 2Dcast Episode 1: With Special Guest Ciaran Marcantonio


Many thousand apologies for the lateness of this episode and for the wild variation in the sound qualitiy . It was edited once , then went tits up. Hence this episode with no bells or whistles in which Ciaran and Bobby are in the same room talking about stuff . I say stuff, its mainly swearing at marvel over Uncanny Avengers #1. We talk Space Punisher, Red Dwarf , Breaking Bad, The Manga Sutra, and When The Wind Blows. We are joined by Ciaran Marcantonio who chats to us about his influences, his work on Lightning Strike , Star Trek V , and a whole pile of other comic related goodness. Were also joined by Andy Luke with big news for the Belfast comics scene. I apologise for the technical problems with this episode . We will be back early next week with a report for the London Film and Comics Expo.

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