REVIEW: MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet #1

MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet #1
Written by: Tony Lee and Lee David Zlotoff
Art by: Will Sliney
Colours by: Ciaran Lucas
Published by: Image Comics
Price: $3.50
Book Summery: Welcome to the long-awaited return of MacGyver – co-written by his creator! When an old friend calls for help, Mac becomes involved in a web of industrial espionage, murder and a white-knuckle pursuit across the globe with a million dollar hit on his head! Can he live long enough to save the world – or has his luck finally run out?
REVIEW: The legendary 80’s icon has finally made his way to comics. Fans of the franchise have been waiting a long time to see this book. Once the project was announced in 2011 under the creative auspices of Tony Lee and MacGyver creator Lee David Zlotoff and joined by Becky Clooney on art, anticipation was high were this book. Clooney had to subsequently come off the project for personal reasons and writer Lee put it out on social media for prospective artists to come forward with their take and the winner of thatCork’s Will Sliney. All seemed back on track until earlier this summer when the shipping date was pushed back from San Diego to October but fear not, the book is finally here and the first issue is huge hit.
It does a book no harm to have the creator of the title on story duties as you know you’ll get an accurate interpretation of the characters within. What you find with some amount of relief is that you jump straight into the story without wasting an issue with an origin story and needless background information. The issue reads like a lost episode of the TV show and you can’t help but revel in the nostalgia. We see Mac in typical fare, stuck in the middle of an inter-governmental scuffle with a bounty on his head and an old friend in trouble that only MacGyver can fix. Cue, the iconic making of gadgets through everyday items. The story is paced wonderfully, you feel like you get value for money reading this issue. It is chock full of story and it’s hard to pick a standout scene. I suppose when something like this comes along after being such a hit such a long time ago, you just eat it up, which is what I did here, but on top of that, it was really, really good!
Will Sliney has proved to be a master stroke addition to the book. Already a fan of the property, (Sliney added him to his action heroes of the 80’s section on his blog, well worth a look through for the nostalgia factor alone), he grabs the script by the cuff and lets loose with it. There are some excellent almost cinematic perspective shots littered throughout the book that encapsulates the action within. The opening layouts are a statement of intent to what is to come and combined with some great colouring by Ciaran Lucas, who could use this book as a great audition for more work, the books visuals are a huge strength.
There is a great piece at the back whereby you learn how the TV show came into existence that is an informative bookend to a great debut issue. All the pieces seemed to have fallen into place here and the series is off to a great start leaving the book in a good position moving on.