2Dcast Episode 15: With guest Declan Shalvey

Declan Shalvey
The 2dcast team get a real brush with greatness this week as we speak with the inimitable Mr Declan Shalvey. He takes time from his increasingly busy schedule to talk to us about his work on Venom for Marvel, Conan for Darkhorse his start as a pro artist and much much more Back in the studio, Ciaran and Bobby report on the London Comics Expo, The launch of the Comica Festival, and Uproar Comics’ Outbreak event. Review wise We look at Nestor issues 1 and 2 , and a bunch of American stuff too.
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Links mentioned on the podcast:
Programme for Comica Festival:
Art Of Pho Animation
Ciaran Cluelessly reporting on the purchase of Marvel ( scroll down to Disney buys Marvel).
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