NEWS: Indy Comics Have A New Online Shop Front In 'Comicsy'

Comicsy is a new online marketplace whereby indy creators can set up a specific store on the website to sell their books. As the sites new press release tells us; “Comicsy is a new marketplace for indie comics creators and artists to sell their goods. Small press creators can sign up and open their own ‘Comicsy Shop’ to showcase their work in their own individual area, but also with other creator’s work on the main Comicsy site. The site currently has over 140 small press titles from around 40 creators and we’re looking for more people to get involved.”
Among the Irish talent on the site at the moment includes Stephen Downey’s Cancertown graphic novel being sold through Cy Dethan’s shop and Stephen Coffey’s Society for the Remarkable Suicide. Other indy titles that may be familiar to audiences are Dr. WTF! and FutureQuake. If you’re interested in joining over 140 shops on the site follow the link below.