REVIEW: Alan Nolan's …And The Blood Flowed Green

…And The Blood Flowed Green

Created by: Alan Nolan
Published by: O’Brien Press
Cost: €7.99
Book Summery: Marion ‘Mick’ Mulligan is a failed sci-fi author who dreams of escaping his humdrum life. His dreams become nightmares when he is abducted by extraterrestrials and abandoned on a lawless frontier planet.
Together with his alien buddies Crk-Tish-Crrrkkk and Zeebo and his mechanical sidekick, RUNT, Mulligan must lead a daring jailbreak, battle robo-revolutionaries on an android planet and fight false murder charges on a spacebound sphere of pure water as he desperately tries to find his way home to Earth.
REVIEW: And The Blood Flowed Green’s release heralds the end of a landmark chapter in Irish comic story telling beginning in mid 2011 and spanning 4 books in the ‘Murder Can Be Fatal’ series of books. The series became the first series of graphic novels creatively indigenous to Ireland to be distributed on a national and international level by a major publishing house in O’Brien Press. At a time when, according to O’Brien Press MD Ivan O’Brien told me last December, the Irish market place was trying to get its head around the concept of the graphic novel, Alan Nolan was the creator tasked to pave the way with these books and they have each in their way been winners but with this final book they saved the best until last.
This book revolves around Mick Mulligan, an Irish sci-fi author who finds himself abducted by aliens and true to his life to date, rejected by them. Stranded on a far away planet working as a bar man he longs to find a way home to Dublin and with an eclectic mix of aliens who join him on his journey they find themselves in a plethora of situations each one more mad than the next. I could be wrong but this book seems like it has a ton more narrative than the other books which isn’t a bad thing. The format in which the tale is told was a big draw for me. The nior-ish style of the narrative sprinkled with a definitive Irish twist was golden.
The usual Nolan mix of sharp humour goes into overdrive in this book and is an absolute delight. The subtle nod to James Doohan who played Scotty in Star Trek for example had me laughing and had me re-reading the book just to look for other easter eggs.
With a plot that takes place in outer space that is a ton of entertainment Nolan goes nuts on the visuals. The aliens within take the shape and form of some truly mad looking beings. One early in the book which brought a smile was the one who looked like a hurley. Other highlights are the chicken like creatures who double up as pirates who look to invade a water world. The whole weave through the story was obviously a ton of fun to create and it looks and reads wonderfully.
There is enough here for folk of all ages to dive in and experience a great book. If the story isn’t enough there are a number of inserts in the book that explain and flesh out the worlds being visited by Mulligan and his crew. A definite winner on value for money and it is a book that definitely delivers.
Alan is currently running a competition over on his website this weekend which will allow you to win some original art from the book. If you’re interested and why shouldn’t you be, head on over and have a look at: