NEWS: Our Top Posts From This Past Week

Here’s a list of our top ten stories from this past week.
1. NEWS: 2012 Irish Comic News Awards Winners
2. HISTORY:Will Eisner in The Yellow Press
3. TAKE A LOOK INSIDE: Jennifer Blood: First Blood #2 (of 6) Written By Michael Carroll
4. IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Anthony O’Neills Green Arrow
5. POGOSHOTS: Pogoroboto Part 13
6. IN MY OPINION: Nast-y goings on New Jersey [PB:IMO]
7. IN MY OPINION: A Farewell to The Boys (IMO:COM)
8. COVER ART: The Helix #2
9. REVIEW: Alan Nolan’s …And The Blood Flowed Green
10. REVIEW: RíRá #4
And as always folks, thanks for reading.