EVENT: Comic Book and Collectors' Fair in Belfast on Sunday

Haymarket Arcade Belfast - Comic Book and Collectors' Fayre

This Sunday, 9 December, there’s a Comic Book and Collectors’ Fayre being held in Avalon Arts in the Haymarket Arcade, Royal Avenue, Belfast, from 12 noon to 6.30pm. Confirmed guests include local creators like myself (Paddy Brown) and Andy Luke, and top talent from further afield including Gar Shanley, Paddy Lynch and the Lightning Strike crew, and local comic dealers The Stack will be there to flog American comics and the like as well.
If you’re not familiar with Belfast, Royal Avenue is the big shopping street directly opposite the front of the City Hall, and the Haymarket Arcade is near the far end on the left. Admission is free. There’s also a bar. Check it out on Facebook, and hope to see loads of yez there..