NEWS: Brendan McCarthy & Len O'Grady Lend An Irish Feel To IDW's Judge Dredd

If you have been following IDW’s partnership with 2000AD this Winter you may be forgiven for thinking that there is something of an Irish flair about it. The partnership began with a two issue mini series that was reprinting Brendan McCarthy’s Zaucer of Zilk which saw print in 2000AD earlier this year and on IDW’s new Judge Dredd ongoing series McCarthy will show up on this months issue two as artist.
If you are interested in picking up the new series it may be worth seeking out the exclusive variant cover from The Big Bang that features their logo on a door that Dredd is putting his foot through on issue one that had a back up story coloured by Len O’Grady. Check out cover art for Judge Dredd #2 going on sale this month and some book info.
Book Info:
Duane Swierczynski (w) • Nelson Daniel, Brendan McCarthy (a) • Zach Howard, Greg Staples (c)
In Mega-City one, Judges ARE the law. But what happens when a veteran Judge goes bad? And he’s so skilled at hiding his misdeeds that even Judge Dredd is unable to dig up the evidence he needs? Looks like it’s time to choose psis… from the Psi Division, that is!
IDW’s all-new ongoing series continues here, with the re-introduction of fan-favorite JUDGE ANDERSON! Don’t even think about skipping this issue. Because… well, she’ll *know*.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99