ICM LOGO3So yea, Happy new year and all that. I hope getting back to work/school/dole is going well for you all.
I got a call from Rob Curley yesterday about an event called IRISH COMIC BOOK MONTH. Yes, we had a great week last year during Irish Comic Appreciation Week, but Rob is looking for something bigger. Something cooler and more hardcore! Here’s what he has to say:

This year will see the first of what will hopefully become an annual event, Irish comic book month, taking place every March mainly to tap into the large volume of tourist in the country for Paddys day. The idea being a month of events to celebrate and highlight Irish comics.

 To organise anything on a large scale like this over the period of a month would be a strategic nightmare so we are asking people to organise their own events as well as take part in other peoples, that may be a signing, a comic jam, facebook event or whatever.


This way no one person will be left to do it all. The logo designed by Tommie Kelly [Thrown together is probably more apt TK] will be available for download  [Right click: save as on the image above or check the download link at the bottom] so just add it to your event, let me and Tommie know about it and its officially part of the celebrations.


For my own part I will put together a comic expo in the Central hotel [more details to follow ] and set up the official facebook page as well as organise some signings in Sub City, I’m sure other comic stores, book shops, local pubs or stores will be more than happy to accommodate signings, exhibitions etc. So get your thinking caps on and get involved!
 So ICBM gets the full thumbs up from ICN. We will still do what we did last year (Check it all out HERE if you don’t know what I am on about) but spreading it over the month, rather than a week gives everyone more exposure. It will also save me from the near fatal nervous breakdown of trying to get everything organised within just one week. 😀
So getting your thinking hats on and come up with some good events and ideas. Feel free to chat about it in the comments below or in the forum HERE
Use twitter tag #icbm