Do you find ICN a Valuable Resource? Want to help it with a DONATION?

DonateHey Folks,
I am adding a donation/tip jar to the site in the hope that some of you find ICN valuable enough that you would like to help out with hosting costs. I have paid for everything since ICN began and although happy to do it, (and will continue to do so if needs be) I could certainly do with some help.
I tried doing some advertising to raise some funds last year but being honest it didn’t really work out. After the first month no one was interested and those that did pay for advertisements didn’t get enough traffic to warrant doing it again. I guess we are just that type of site. We have a very niche market.
I also at some point want to upgrade the hosting for ICN so I can include more stuff like Buddypress, a better forum and long term I’d like to set up a cheap reliable hosting service for ICN members. All of this is pretty server heavy and on the current hosting plan just not do-able. But all that is a pipe dream at the minute until I can make ICN pay for it’s self.
No one is looking to make a living here, but I’d very much appreciate not being out of pocket on it either.
So if you can help (any amount, it’s all appreciated) then click the Paypal button below!
Thanks guys!