2000ad PJ Holden on drawing Dredd and going digital

PJ Holden gets interviewed on http://pipedreamcomics.co.uk/?p=1031 about going digital and stuff. Hope you appreciate the irony of me posting a feature image of PJ drawing with a pen!

From what I read on your website you seem to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with digital, so which side of the fence are you on at the moment? Loving it or hating it?
PJ: Right now, by virtue of the fact that I’ve decided to largely go all traditional this year, I keep looking longingly at my [Wacom] Cintiq and assuming that every line I draw with it would be ten times better than anything I’m currently inking. But that’s just a grass is always greener problem.
FULL INTERVIEW HERE: http://pipedreamcomics.co.uk/?p=1031