NEWS: Alan Nolan Talks To ICN About New League of Volunteers 3 Issue Arc

Alan Nolan announced on facebook earlier this week that he would be taking over writing duties for an arc on Atomic Diner’s League of Volunteers.
We got a hold of Alan last night to get all the info on the arc and I began by asking him how long the arc is and who will form his cast of characters, “It’s going to be a three issue arc with Glimmerman, Blood Rose, Archer, Druid and Fionn MacCumhaill investigating some demonic doings on the shores of Lough Ree.”
Alan explained the premise of the arc as “an ancient pagan entity, thought vanquished long ago, returns to cause mayhem in the midlands, possessing parish priests and holding a whole town in its thrall. Along the way the League will get some R&R, learn more about each others’ past deeds (and misdeeds), try out some new brand new 1940s high-tech equipment, and fight hordes of shapeless-but-deadly brollachán, as well as mind-controlled townsfolk with a taste for superhuman flesh. Lives of the Saints it ain’t.”
Nolan noted that the arc is written by himself from an original idea by Rob Curley.
The artist for the arc is a closely guarded secret at the moment, but the variant covers will be by League regular Barry Keegan of which we posted the rough pencils for issue four earlier this week.
On a personal note Alan said, “I’m delighted and very excited to be working on this title. Rob is an old friend and “League” is one of the best comic books ever produced in Ireland and a personal favourite – I couldn’t be happier!”
League will of course be Nolan’s first work since he completed his run of ‘Murder Can Be Fatal’ series of graphic novels for The O’Brien Press last Autumn and notably will be his first full length ‘floppy’ issue since Sancho #5.
As well as working on the arc Alan has a story upcoming in National Tragedy’s anthology title Courageous Mayhem.
The first issue of League of Volunteers: Rising of the Moon goes on sale later this year.