A ROUNDTABLE INTERVIEW: Punt Press Nigel Flood & Tony Kittrell Of Advent Comics Talk COSMOS And More

We are joined today by Punt Press & The Celtic Clan head Nigel Flood and Advent Comics EIC & Chief Tony Kittrell to discuss the upcoming international and inter company crossover COSMOS. The cover for what will be issue #4 hit ICN over the weekend with astounding pencil work by Allan Goldman. To get all the information on this upcoming project and some news on The Celtic Clan the two creators were very kind in answering some questions so read on…

David O’Leary: Hey guys, thanks for joining us.
Nigel Flood: Thank you.
Tony Kittrell: Glad to be here!
DO’L: The cover work for COSMOS hit the site over the weekend with some great pencil work heralding a crossover with Advent Comics. Can you tell us how this crossover came to be?
NF: The crossover came about through chatting to with Tony Kittrell the main man at Advent Comics and his plans for his epic crossover event COSMOS. He planned to have independent characters take part in the event and he really liked my characters The Celtic Clan and The Globalist and asked me to come onboard and I accept
TK: The cover that you saw was for COSMOS #4 which featured Nigel Flood’s Celtic Clan along with several of Advent’s heroes. This story for COSMOS was actually conceived before we released any of our books and was foreshadowed on the very first page of our initial release, Pandemonium: Evil Incarnate Graphic Novel. I had met Nigel sometime after Pandemonium’s release and became aware of his cool, quirky Celtic Clan heroes. We had talked of one day maybe doing a story together. I had written a short crossover story with Advent Comics’ Clover and The Celtic Clan (which has been beautifully drawn by Vhon Stryfe Remos) for an upcoming issue of Advent Comics Spotlight which led me to think about placing The Celtic Clan directly in the Advent Universe. During the writing of COSMOS, I saw the chance to include them while still maintaining the purity and goal of the story I was crafting. I also placed Nigel’s superteam The Globalists into the storyline.


DO’L: What can you tell us about the creative teams and plot?
NF: COSMOS is a 12 issue maxi series written by Tony Kittrell with a little input from myself and art by Charles Q. Penero Jr aka Chucky. Cover art will be by various artists. It with feature indie heroes and villains from around the world all joining the fight against an unknown treat. I can’t really say anymore about without spoiling it.
TK: The main creative team will be artist Charles Q. Penero, inker Preston Shuttlesworth, Bryan Magnaye on colours with the story told by myself. There will be a few auxiliary stories in other Advent titles that will tie into COSMOS.
DO’L: As near as I can tell Nigel, this is a first in Irish comics. Does this give you added satisfaction to be paving new ground?
NF: To the best of knowledge it’s the second time its happened with The Celtic Clan debuting in the pages of Dave Ryan’s War Of The Independents #3 published by Red Anvil. Its great being part of these international crossovers, I feel it helps put Ireland on the indie comic world map. There a few more crossovers being planned with other comic companies to be released later this year where The Celtic Clan will be making a guest appearance. The Citizen will be making an appearance in the pages of Argo 5 # 8 and The Celtic Clan will be teaming up Bounty Hunter in his first issue Bounty Hunter#0.


DO’L: At what stage do you see your projects hit this year?

NF: COSMOS will be released in June this year
TK: With several projects releasing in 2013 like The Regulators (drawn by Greg LaRocque), Project: Homeland (with the main story drawn by Bart Sears) and great work coming from our in-house artists The Untouchables, Advent Comics will be hitting its stride in 2013!!
DO’L: Does the crossover put a delay on the second issue of Celtic Clan?
NF: Nope, issue 2 of The Celtic Clan is nearly finished and will hopefully be released this March in time for Irish Comic Month.
DO’L: We are now several months removed from the first issue of Celtic Clan, how have you found reaction to be?
NF: The reaction has been great, I’m delighted at how well received it has been and being nominated for 4 ICN Award was a surprise. Last year was only the beginning, wait till you see what we have in store for 2013.
DO’L: The first issue of Celtic Clan was funded through Fundit.ie Do you see yourself going down that route again?
NF: Not for issue 2, we will probably used Fundit again when we are releasing The Celtic Clan trade paper back when all 6 issues of the first story arc are released.


DO’L: Fundit.ie was also a somewhat unique way in Irish comics to get a book see print. For those who haven’t done so, what did you make of the process?
NF: It was a roller coaster ride of emotions, each day you would check to see if you have reached your target. But I have to say it’s a great way to help small press publish their comics. I would encourage other people to do the same if they what to release their own comics but feel they don’t have funds to do so.
DO’L: Thanks for joining us guys, take care.
NF: Thank you.
TK: I want to take this opportunity to thank ICN for showing an interest in Advent Comics.