NEWS: Our Top Posts From This Past Week

Here is the top ten most clicked on posts from this past week.
1. REVIEW: The Earthbound God
2. THE BIG INTERVIEW: Darrin O’Toole Gives ICN A Look Behind The Scenes At His List of Projects
3. COVER ART: COSMOS – A Celtic Clan Crossover Comic With Advent Comics
4. FEATURED: When Adam Kubert Reviewed Will Sliney Art
5. A ROUNDTABLE INTERVIEW: Punt Press Nigel Flood & Tony Kittrell Of Advent Comics Talk COSMOS And More
6. EVENTS: AKUMAKON 18th – 20th January 2013
7. NEWS: Mike Lynch & Anthony O’Neill To Do Strip In Mark Millar’s CLiNT In February
8. UPDATES: Artists Alley for AKUMAKON
9. NEWS: Alan Nolan Talks To ICN About New League of Volunteers 3 Issue Arc
10. ART: Half Past Danger variant cover by Tommy Lee Edwards
And as always, thanks for reading folks.