ON SHELVES THIS WEEK: Jennifer Blood: First Blood #3

The latest issue of the Mike Carroll penned Jennifer Blood mini series, First Blood, hits shelves this week. Mike let it be known on facebook recently that he is also writing issue 28 of the ongoing main series which should be out later this year.
(W) Michael Carroll
(A) Igor Vitorino
(CA) Mike Mayhew
Jennifer Fellows’ life is pretty full… Cooking, cleaning, shopping, helping the kids with their homework, plotting blood-soaked revenge on her murderous uncles. But to get to the Blutes, she has to first get past their enforcer Wendell Cortland. When Jen’s surveillance of Cortland uncovers a brutal and seemingly pointless act – an act that he is clearly hiding from the Blutes – Jen realizes that Cortland’s secrets could ruin everything for her. Or, maybe, they could be exactly what she needs…