PODCAST: 2Dcast Episode 19 : God Bless Will Sliney Day!!!!!

fi72Dcast Episode 19 : God Bless Will Sliney Day!!!!!
To celebrate the launch of the Fearless Defenders we break bread with the soon to be global sensation Will Sliney about his comics career. He tells us about what to expect in his Marvel work , and other projects that he has on its way. Wills big time now what with RTE and such so hes probably not used to dealing with something quite as half assesd as the 2dcast . We literally have half a show as the equipment went tits up half way through and we didn’t have time to re record . The reviews of Tales From the Void , and Marvel : the Untold Story. will show up next week. In the meantime HAPPY WILL SLINEY DAY!