More 2D Comics Festival Guests announced!

More 2D Comics Festival Guests announced!
The 2D Comics Festival returns in 2013 with a special edition of the show, which will be the largest comics event ever held in Northern Ireland.
The festival is Ireland’s longest running annual comic event and runs from 30 May – 2 June in Derry/Londonderry. It features an expanded selection of workshops, panels, talks and exhibitions, catering for all ages and tastes. The first two days of the programme will feature a wide range of educational and industry events.
Taking centre stage is the 2D Comics Fair, which this year has been extended to last for two days (Sat 1 & Sun 2 June) in a fantastic new venue in the city.
Guests previously confirmed for 2D 2013 have included; Andy Diggle (writer – Batman, Daredevil), Jock (artist – Losers, Batman), Roger Langridge (writer/artist – Popeye, Muppets) and legendary comic artist Mick McMahon (Judge Dredd, Slaine). See bottom for full list of previously confirmed guests.

We are delighted to announce the following guests will also be joining us at 2D this year;

Alan Nolan
Artist / Writer / Educator. Comics Work: Big Break Detectives, Death By Chocolate, Butterknut and Kronk (Irish Times), Sancho. Irish Comics News award winner – Best mainstream Published Irish Writer 2012
Cameron Stewart
Eisner-award winning Artist / Writer. Comics Work: Batman & Robin, Assassin’s Creed, Seven Soldiers, Catwoman, Seaguy, Sin Titulo, The Other Side, B.P.R.D: Hell on Earth.
Dan Berry
Illustrator / Designer / Cartoonist & one of the leading Comics & illustration lecturers in UK. Comics/Illustration work: Cat Island, The Suitcase, After We Shot The Grizzly. Host of fantastic ‘Make It Then Tell Everybody’ podcast series.
Doug Braithwaite
Artist & UK Comics Legend. Comics Work: Thor, Wolverine Origins, Storm Dogs, Punisher, Green Arrow, Brave and the Bold.
Emma Vieceli
Artist / Writer / Illustrator. Comics Work: Vampire Academy, Hamlet & Much Ado about Nothing (Manga Shakespeare), The Thrill Electric (Channel 4), Dragon Heir: Reborn, Avalon Chronicles.
Gary Erskine
Artist / Illustrator / Educator. Comics Work: Star Wars, Dan Dare, Captain America, Terminator, Hellblazer, JSA, The Filth, The Mask, Judge Dredd, Roller Grrrls. Interactive Comic work: The Irons (Madefire).
Mhairi Stewart
Writer / Comics Educator / Lecturer (Perfect Spiral).
Kate Brown
Artist / Writer / Illustrator / Comics Educator. Comics Work: The Lost Boy (the Phoenix comic), The Spider Moon (DFC), Nelson, Fish+Chocolate.
Mike Collins
Artist / Illustrator. Comics Work: Dr Who, the Daleks Project, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, X-Men, Spiderman, Star Trek, Transformers, Slaine, Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper (and many more!).
Nic Klein
Artist / Illustrator. Comics Work: Winter Soldier, Dancer, Punisher, Viking.
Nicholas Gurewitch
Eisner, Harvey, Ignatz Award winning Writer/ Artist / Animator / Film-maker. Comics Work: Perry Bible Fellowship, Marvel Strange Tales. Animation work: Elite Fleet, Rumble Beach (BBC). Film work: Trails of Tarnation.
Paul Duffield
Artist / Illustrator / Writer / Animator / Designer / Educator. Comics Work: Freakangels (with Warren Ellis), the Tempest (Manga Shakespeare), The Firelight Isle, Sojourn, Best New Manga 2.
Phil Barrett
Writer / Artist / Illustrator / Designer / Educator. Comics Work: Stray Lines, Blackshapes, Gazebo, The Vision Service (RTE), Culture File (RTE). Illustration Work: Where’s Larry (O’Brien Press),
PJ Holden
Artist. Comics Work: Judge Dredd, Robocop/Terminator, Rogue Trooper, Fearless, the 86ers, Battlefields.
Rob Curley
Writer / Publisher / Irish Comics Pioneer. Comics Work: Roisin Dubh, Freak Show, The League of Volunteers, Atomic Rocket Group 66.
Tula Lotay
Artist / Illustrator / Curator. Comics work: The Hound (with Warren Ellis), Elephantmen. Creative Director of Travelling Man, Director of the fantastic Thought Bubble Festival, Leeds.
Will Sliney
Artist. Comics Work: The Fearless Defenders (Marvel), Star Wars, MacGuyver, Celtic Warrior, Star Trek, Farscape,