COVER ART: Vanguard #3

From the Vanguard facebook fan page: “Well, its been a tough year for most of the guys involved in Vanguard and a lot of real-life issues have meant comics have had to take a backseat. Nevertheless, we do have an issue 3 and it is currently at the printers – though without the glorious cover artwork by Matt Soffe that was previously posted. This is due to the fact that our “Halo and the Gryphon” story will be taking a break this issue…, due to circumstances beyond our control. To provide a replacement cover, David Blankley stepped up to the plate to produce a cool image showcasing the stars of “Mammoth Jack”, mutilated donkey Duncan and his 12 year old companion Jamie Swift, who features quite strongly in the issue. Also included in the comics 28 pages are the continuations of Atomic Call and Buck Tucker: Enemy of Love, the debut of new supernatural-superhero story Vestige, and a full colour spin-off supplement featuring Mandy SNA, from the Atomic Call strip. There’s also a new editor in the form of Buck Tucker, who has a timely bit of a public service announcement regarding the true nature of Love. Miss it at your peril! Printed copies will ship with a set of 4 free postcards and the comic will also be available as a digital download on comicsy. More details very soon!”