NEWS: The Big Bang Take A Stand On Anti Gay Marraige Stance From Author

News broke last night that The Big Bang Comic Shop in Dundrum town centre, that following author Orson Scott Card’s comments attributed to him relating to his views on gay marriage that the shop will not be stocking his upcoming title the Adventures of Superman from DC.
In a statement released last night the shop said that “This isn’t a knee jerk reaction from us and it’s something we’ve discussed long and hard. But the fact remains that for us, no matter how talented a writer like Orson Scott Card is, he actively goes about trying to prevent people from their right of marrying the person they want to marry. His involvement in the National Organization for Marriage and his extreme opposition to gay Marriage and gay rights are not something we support. Especially considering the fact that we have both customers and friends of all orientations. Thus, we won’t be carrying the book for the duration of Mr Cards involvement on our shelves.”
In the statement the shop did acknowledge two ironies in the situation; “Ironically in all of this it’s a Superman story. And Superman stands for Truth and Justice. I’m pretty sure Superman, if he were a real living breathing person wouldn’t be into restricting the rights of any person no matter what their sexual orientation was but Mr Card is and that doesn’t represent the principles of Truth and Justice to us. The second irony in all of this, if we were to boycott the title all together we’d be no better than Mr Card restricting people’s right to get this issue if they so wanted to. We’re not about censoring rights, unlike Mr Card.”
The shop sent its apologies to the other creative talent on the book saying “Our sincerest apologies go out to all the other talent involved in this book, in particular Jeff Parker that you all had the pleasure to meet at D.I.C.E. ’12.”
The book will be made available to customers who pre-order the title by March 16th at the latest and no other copies will be made available outside of this in the store.
Adventures of Superman is a digital first book that goes on print sale on May 29th.
News broke on a couple of weeks ago that Card would be contributing the first two chapters of the digital first story along with Aaron Johnston, Chris Sprouse and Karl Story, the third by Jeff Parker and Chris Samnee; telling the story of Superman’s first meeting with Lex Luthor. Eye brows were raised in some circles at the move to hire Card considering that he is on board of directors for National Organization for Marriage, an association committed to stopping the legalisation of gay marraige. Card has been the recipient of a number of boycotts following statements contributed to him on his views on homosexuality and gay marraige.
When news of the hirespread to other outlets last week DC Comics were prompted into making a statement that appeared on that read:
“As content creators we steadfastly support freedom of expression, however the personal views of individuals associated with DC Comics are just that — personal views — and not those of the company itself.”