NEWS: A Brief Run Down Of Expected Indy Titles Due This Year

Over the last few weeks you may have seen a number of posts highlighting a plethora of upcoming books from a range of companies. Below you will see that we have put these books that we have highlighted recently into one post so you can get a gauge on what is coming down the pipeline this year.
Abandoned Comics:
In the last few days Abandoned Comics have announced that their new book BlackStar Book One is at the printers so expect that on shelves soon. Also Abandoned tell us that sci-fi/horror book Salvage will be out this year with some exceptional teaser art appearing online recently for this one. Also war book Wire & Gas will be released this year too.
Atomic Diner:
One of Ireland’s premier publishers should have a busy schedule with a number of books coming. The next League of Volunteers arc titled ‘Return of the King’ is due along with Alan Nolan’s arc at the end of the year. Jennifer Wilde #3 will also arrive this summer.
Coimici Gael
Coimici Gael aim to have RiRa#5 out by September as well as an all ages book out by April. 
DOT Comics:
DOT Comics will have the first issue of Lady Babylon as well as the trade of Earthruler out this year.
The Helix
In an announcement in January the third issue of The Helix was due in February. A trade of the first three issues is due in April along with issue 4. Also issue one gets a second printing with a new cover.
Land of Button Press:
Phil Roe and Jason Connors The Wren #10 is due in May as well as the second collected volume of issues of that series. The second issue to acclaimed Wren tie in book Artos is also due this year.
Lightning Strike:
The second issue of Lightning Strike’s anthology book got its launch in London last weekend and will be available in Irish shop shelves very soon. They announced on Tuesday that they will be at this weekend’s Dublin Comic Mart.
National Tragedy:
Courageous Mayhem is a sequel of sorts to last years Romantic Mayhem and is due later this year. It is a 68 page comic inspired by the Hotspur, Victor and Warlord boy’s annuals of yesteryear. Harking back to a time when men were men and weren’t afraid to shoot you in the face to show it.
O’Brien Press:
Big Jim is almost ready to go with the cover art released by Paddy Lynch last week. Will Sliney’s Celtic Warrior graphic novel gets its release in Waterstone’s Cork on April 11th.
Punt Press:
Punt Press will have the second issue of The Celtic Clan out this year as well as an historic crossover with American comic company Advent for COSMOS.
Stephen Coffey Comics:
Velvet #1 is imminent along with Celtic Knights #3 in March. The collected Celtic Knights is also due with the release of issue 4. Also word from artist Celtic Knights artist Mike Kennedy is that the Junker issue should be ready by the end of the summer.
Uproar Comics:
Uproar have been teasing Ruairi Coleman art processes on facebook this week so issue 8 of Zombies Hi! is under production and set for release this March. Uproar also plan on there being at least another 4 issues out this year. Also Uproar tell us that they  have standalone “The Ballad of Half Hanged MacNaghten” due for release at the 2D Festival, and later in the year, at Halloween they plan to release a yet to be named book, one for a younger audience, “imagine a kid focused version of the Goonies except in the ancient and mysterious tunnels under Derry!” 
We reported last week that Vanguard issue three is at the printers so expect to see that one soon.
Of course there could well be more not listed here but as we hear about other