NEWS: Our Top Posts From This Past Week

Here are our most clicked on posts from this apst week:
1. NEWS: A Brief Run Down Of Expected Indy Titles Due This Year
2. EVENTS: List of Irish Comic Book Month Events Confirmed So Far
3. NEWS: The Big Bang Take A Stand On Anti Gay Marraige Stance From Author
4. COMICS: Celtic Knights Dublin Comic Mart Offer
5. 2DCAST EPISODE 21:  2d Festival director David Campbell
6. REVIEW: Lightning Strike #2
7. COVER ART: Celtic Knights #3
8. COVER ART: Teenage Mutuant Ninja Turtles #22 From Declan Shalvey
9. Creator Owned Day 2013
10. UPDATE: Comic Mart In Ennis March 24th – Venue Details & Creator Signing
And as always, thanks for reading.
Also remember that this month is Irish Comic Book month so ask for Irish comics in your local comic shop and support the events taking place this month across Ireland by looking at our number 2 post this week above.