SURVEY: Pj Holden's Comic Artist Survey


In about 1998, an artist called Larry Dempsey did a small neat survey for inkers and built a massive and useful resource from it. Unfortunately he’s since removed all traces of the survey from the internet (even the wayback machine draws up a blank).
But, there’s nothing to stop us building a new comic artists survey.
I’m torn between the small and neat set of questions Larry Dempsey originally had, and my natural inclination which is to load every possible option in.
But, technology has moved on since 1998, and while the demarcation between pencillers and inkers (especially in the US) was much neater then, I find most of the artists I admire both pencil and ink their own work. So the survey I’ve set up is broken up into pencils, inks and digital inks.
If you’re an artist and feel you can contribute, please do so – I’ll be making sure the content is licensed under a liberal creative commons license and is available to download as a csv to be used by everyone.
It’s early days right now (I mean, the only record in there right now is one I just added) and there WILL be kinks in the system, but if you’re an artist reading this, please consider signing up