SPOTLIGHT: Len O'Grady's Treatment: Mexico City #1

I wanted to highlight an Irish professional colourist currently woking in the US in comics but in a different arena than you might have expected. Len O’Grady, with much work with Judge Dredd, IDW , Cla$$war and more has recently began working at Madefire.
Madefire, founded by Ben Wolstenholme and boasting renowned creator Liam Sharp as its CCO, is hopring to revolutinize how comics are read by turning them from a static reading experience into a more interactive endevour.
O’Grady’s most recent work comes in the form of Treatment: Mexico City #1. Treatment is written by Liam Sharp from a plotby the legendary co-creator of Watchmen Dave Gibbons.
The Madefire App is available for iOS and can bve downloaded from the app store and from teh iTunes store.
Take a look below at some work coloured work from O’Grady from the art of Neil Googe for Treatment: Mexico City.
“In the Mexico City slum of Cuautepec four children make a thrilling discovery–a loaded Treatment issue firearm!
From the mind of legendary storyteller Dave Gibbons, the co-creator of ‘Watchmen’ –the best-selling graphic novel of all-time and the only comic to make ‘Time’ magazine’s top 100 novels list– comes an explosive and original new story world exclusively created for the and iPhone:
Treatment is a televisual phenomenon.
Treatment is a global franchise.
Treatment takes individuals cast in the heat and fury of lives spent both sides of the law and puts them on the front line in the battle against crime.
In every major city on every major continent if you are the sick and depraved underbelly of civilization prepare to receive Treatment.”
Blog Art Color 1
Blog Art Color 3
Blog Art Color 2
And below the presentation art for Treatment from the Madefire web site, colours not by O’Grady.
Treatment: HQ - Dave Gibbons